A mobile Org Mode file viewer

Reflowed text

For easy viewing on mobile screens

LaTeX rendering

Crisp equations both inline and block

Syntax highlighting

Faithfully recreates the appearance in Emacs, in both light and dark modes

Reader mode

Hide extraneous markup and show only what's important


Narrow your view to just a single section, just like in Emacs

Beautiful tables

Guaranteed correct spacing, even with non-ASCII characters

Functional links

Open external links in your web browser, and section links in narrowed views

Visibility cycling

Expand or collapse sections, blocks, and drawers just like in Emacs

FOSS for freedom

Get the source on GitHub for hacking or manual installation. Android users can get it on F-Droid.

Walled gardens for convenience

Get it on the App Store or Google Play to save yourself some hassle, or to support the project